Location & Access


Our Farmer's Guest House is located at 860 m high above sea level at the foot of Takamine Highland, where you can trail on foot or bicycle while enjoying the spectacular view . If you are lucky enough to see Mt. Fuji from the top of Takamine. Needless to say, from our outdoor Goemon bath, we can see the night view of opposite shore side, called as Mimakigahara plateau.

Acess from Major Cities


  • From Tokyo station by SHINKANSEN (Japan Railway Pass), you can drop at SAKUDAIRA JR Station(Hokuriku Shinkansen)., then take JR Koumi Line for Komoro. Or drop at Karuizawa station and take Shinano railway for Komoro station. (about 90 - 120 minutesin in total)

  • At KOMORO station, we are very pleased to pick up or drop off by Car with Free service subject to prior notice at the time of booking by e-mail. About 10 minutes drive.

  • For inexpensive access by Express Highway Bus, from Shinjuku station South Bus Terminal to Komoro, you can get ticket at @2600 Yen/person with just 3 hours drive.

  •  By Car, you take Joushinetsu Highway from Nerima IC to Komoro IC for about 120 minutes. From Komoro IC about 5 minuted only.

  • On our way to Guest House, we can drop by either Convenience Store or Supermarket for your puchasing some snacks or softdrink, etc.

  • We will pick you up or drop off at Komoro Station FREE OF CHARGE if booked in advance.